Archipel Stations Here and Beyond

On September 29th between 15:00 and 01:00 (CET) we broadcast on FM (88,4 Berlin / 90,7 Potsdam), online and on microFM around Victoria Park, Berlin-Kreuzberg (frequency to be announced). We will stream from different domestic locations in Berlin, as always in the spirit of the archipelagic thought, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world.

Special contributions include:
Comme à la Radio
Dead Reckoning
Fan Fare
Rava vavàra
Radio otherwise
Solar Panels on the Moon
VLF Feminization

Aurality. LIVE

Aurality embraces the diversity and multiplicity of approaches to sound in its ontology and to listening in its psycho-physiological aspects and ecological implications: vibrational affects and percepts. Through the scope of Aurality, sound materialises the relation between Self (i.e. body, mind, emotions, socio-cultural anker) and Environments (i.e. social, political, ecological, etc.). It becomes a tool for mapping inner to outer territories, an emancipatory medium for communication and knowledge transmission transfiguring questions of power relations, gender and identity.
credits: Niko de Paula Lefort

BEL CANTO (Preview). 5 Min.

BRAVA is a preview from BEL CANTO, the second 10 "record made in collaboration with Jan Henderikse, Slowscan Editions, Luiscius Books, Pure Propaganda. It's a composition of various opera arias. A celebration / meditation on human vocal ability and the absurdity of" high art ". Sound mixed and record designed by Alexandra Philipps.
credits: Alexandra Philipps, Jan Henderikse, Slowscan Editions, Luiscius Books, Pure Propaganda

Cavidad. EN/ES/FR, 60 Min

Episode 4. Cavidad is an expanded experience of radio as a subtle space for performative investigation. We propose a somatic-radio space that will take care of researching different textures of the invisible and will take place in the intervals of language and the spatial and temporal folds of the body: we will look for the body of the radio to create ways of composing somatically a sound presence. A punk-infra-erotic-romantic program that doesn’t follow themes or chronology, but turning around from our scattered geographies, by infiltration or leak, a subtle, displaced and deep hydrofeminism, realised by 3 female artists sometimes together in studio, sometimes at distance, sometimes inviting artists to resonate. We investigate modalities of destination and writing between the faraway, the nearby, and the intimate. We dwell the multidimensional and temporal space that radio allows and compose from vocal warm-ups and somatic visualisations, echoes, scores, noise concerts, phone calls, love letters, interviews, comments and lectures.
credits: Cècile Brousse, Natalia Ramírez Puschel & Ángela Muñoz Martínez

Comme à la Radio. EN/FR, 60 Min

Comme à la radio, rien que de la musique, rien que des mots, juste un peu de bruit pour combler le silence, n'aillez pas peur ce sera tout à fait comme à la radio. Like on the radio, nothing but music, just words, just a little noise to fill the silence, do not be afraid it will be just like on the radio. The show presents music pieces that exceed the usual radio format (c. 3 minutes) with an accent on long duration pieces.
credits: Niko de Paula Lefort & various artists

Dead Reckoning. EN, 9 Min

Dead Reckoning attempts to explain the phenomena of waves through sound, exploring what’s lost and what’s found through translation in another medium, and the distortion that results. The sound of scientists voices, rubbing hands, rocks and a wind machine are combined with an original score of saxophone and bass clarinet composed and performed by Jim Slade. Dead Reckoning is naval terminology for guessing and estimating a course ahead based on previous experience and observation of the terrain, and is a navigation technique subject to accumulative errors. The work has been created in collaboration with musician and sound artist Jim Slade.
credits: Isabella Martin & Jim Slade

Fan Fare. 6 Min.

Fan Fare is an audio work consisting of layered samples of crowds at various types of live performances. Part of an online exhibition compiled by artist Kris van Dessel in response to the lockdown situation we are currently experiencing.
credits: Alexandra Philipps

Radio otherwise. EN, 60 Min.

Monaí and Kate in conversation about radio, ecology and cybernetics.
credits: Kate Donovan & Monaí de Paula Antunes

Rava Vavàra. EN/IT, 75 Min.

Episode 24. What music will we listen to in the future? We may not be listening to what is now commonly considered “music”. Listeners could become players at the same time. Rava vavàra is an experimental radio broadcast gathering sound artworks of various kinds including performance, audio installation, poetry, context-specific experiments and other. Since january 2018, Rava vavàra has been broadcasting sound pieces and radio artworks through the frequencies of Radio Onda Rossa in Rome (Italy), Radio Corax in Halle (Germany), Radio Raheem in Milan (Italy) and Archipel Community Radio in Berlin (Germany). So far, changing locations and coproducers has made sure that the broadcast retains the perspective of conceptual and artistic openness and avoids rigidity. Rava vavàra has an interdisciplinary approach and can be considered a radio experimentation that tries out artistic cooperations through different media. It is a laboratory with a global breath and a local depth, intended to share a variety of aeshetics on the basis of a common ground. It's based on solidarity among artists and fosters reciprocity, mutual respect and cross-seeding.
credits: Valentina Chirico, Steffi Weismann, Maulwerker, Emilie Wright, Tim Gaze, Saverio Cantoni, Mariateresa Sartori, Linda Caracciolo Borra, James Wooda

Solar Panels on the Moon. 30 Min. LIVE PERFORMANCE

"Solar Panels on the Moon" is an auditory reflection on the inevitable dissolution of earth’s resources and its singular solution, which remains shrouded in simplicity. Meditative field recordings and found sounds permeate throughout. Whether Athenian streets or Brandenburg forests, ambient sound splices with the weight of visceral, droning chords giving warmth and gravity to the otherwise transitory soundscape.
credits: sir o sir

VLF Feminization. 20 Min.

VLF Feminization is a series of pieces about inventing a new voice from sounds recorded on a VLF receiver. These pieces are inspired by my fascination with vocal synthesis and auditory pareidolia, as well as my own experiences transitioning and overcoming voice dysphoria. In this piece, I extracted human-like sounds from these VLF recordings and created an instrument that allows me to further control and contort them: creating a new atmospheric voice of my own.
credits: Cassiopeia Sturm

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