This week on our weekly FM slot on Colaboradio (88,4 Berlin/90,7 Potsdam) at 12:00 (CET):

Comme à la Radio # 10

"Comme à la radio, rien que de la musique, rien que des mots, juste un peu de bruit pour combler le silence, n'aillez pas peur ce sera tout à fait comme à la radio". Like on the radio, nothing but music, just words, just a little noise to fill the silence, do not be afraid it will be just like on the radio. The show presents music pieces that exceed the usual radio format (c. 3 minutes) with an accent on long duration pieces. This week's program includes pieces by Beatriz Ferreyra and Eliane Radigue.

Archipel Stations Community Radio is broadcasting otherwise 24 hours a shuffle playlist of our archive with some live radio interventions from radio-enthusiasts of our community all over the world. Send us your content if you want to add any material to the stream.

There is also the possibility to broadcast live from wherever you are. Let us know per email if you would like to make live-radio and we’ll send you instructions of how to setup your computer.

Another possibility to share your voice is to send a voice memo though Telegram to and we will add it to the stream.

Archipel Stations Community Radio