Archipel Stations S A V V Y


On September 14th & 15th the itinerant Archipel will be stationing S A V V Y Contemporary, the laboratory of form-ideas. This special edition of Archipel Stations will be broadcast during and within the framework of the research, performance and exhibition project SOIL IS AN INSCRIBED BODY. ON SOVEREIGNTY, AGROPOETICS AND STRUGGLES FOR LIBERATIONS, August 30th to October 6th 2019 at SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin.

The program remains in the spirit of the archipelagic thought, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world. We have an open call for podcasts, audioworks, dialogues, and sounds relating to themes that explore agroecological practices as forms of care and embodied politics of resilience, resistance and rehabilitation. Themes such as vegetal agency, the poetics of dormancy, food sovereignty, the commons, soil nationalism, the soil as vessel, as fragile global body and carrier for speculative, collaborative futures; patriarchal dispossession, bio-infrastructures and molecular extractions, unique local histories and forms of collaboration.

What does working with ‘nature’ and cultivation on various scales mean for artists, cultural workers and ecologists in times of violent planetary collapse of ecosystems and life worlds?

Some of the driving questions of the exhibition are: how could entangled anti-colonial, artistic and environmental alliances nurture each other? How can we transform ruins, colonial erosion and damaged landscapes, and take up tactics of precarity to make living possible despite economic and ecological ruination? How can we enable interspecies entanglements and collaborations, and imagine polyphonic multidirectional futures?

If this context ressonates with something would you like to share, please fill this form and we will be happy to include your material in our program.