For the next months, our weekly Tuesday 12:00 (CET) slot on Colaboradio (88,4 FM Berlin / 90,7 FM Potsdam) welcomes the collaboration with radio_mix_cassete. This week we are broadcasting the fourth episode on Cryptochrome.
Cryptochrome Cryptochrome have been creating and performing as a group since 2012, even though Icelandic songstress Una and UK rapper / beat maker Anik have been making music together since they first met in 2005. Being who they are, their approach is as fresh and innovative as their resulting sound. Lovers, artists, parents, co-conspirators, their lives together revolve around their music and their music revolves around their lives. They use their platform to explore the storm sand sunshine of the human experience, drawing the audience eloquently in to their intimate, vulnerable, radiant world over masterfully crafted soundscapes, sourcing the very best of production talent in their pursuit. Instragram Youtube

At 02:00 on Wednesday (CET) on 88,4 FM Berlin / 90,7 FM Potsdam we are replaying contributions to our last event, Archipel Stations the last full moon of 2020.

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