Archipel e.V

The transdisciplinary association Archipel e.V is a non-profit organisation founded in Berlin, Germany. The association pursues a public-spirited promotion of art and culture. It is an advocate for tolerance in all areas of culture and the concept of international understanding. It is also concerned with a sustainable relationship with nature and understands ecology in wider terms, highlighting diversity and complexity, promoting cross-communication and entanglement of all there is, especially the emancipation of entities that have been pushed to the margins.

The realization of intercultural and interdisciplinary projects is the main purpose of the association. We initiate art and educational social projects on local, regional and international scales. Our goal is to connect with all possible interested parties in social, ecological and individual topics through arts and culture.

Our thematic priority is to create awareness of the growing complexity of our social reality through cross-cultural communication and diversity, applied to practical and playful projects and the training of multipliers, determined by the following methods of expression and non-formal learning:

In addition, Archipel e.V. works with external partners on the conception, planning, organization and implementation of projects that meet the goals of the association. We have established and hope to watch grow a network of individuals, organizations and venues, not only in Berlin but worldwide, with whom and where we mutually support the realization of up and coming visions.

Members of Archipel e.V are artists involved with science, technology and the humanities, as well as scientists and technologists who see in the arts a realm to expand their practice, research, reach and methodology.

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