Planetary Audio Pieces

This week, online and on FM on 88,4 Berlin / 90,7 Potsdam - Colaboradio / Freies Radio Berlin Brandenburg we host at 12:00 (CET) the fourth episode of the Planetary Audio Pieces, replayed at 02:00.

Sarah Reva Mohr - Planetary Audio Pieces
Episode 4 // Earth

“Zoom into a waterfall to hear individual drops. (...)
We hear in order to listen.
We listen in order to interpret our world and experience meaning. Our world is a complex matrix of vibrating energy, matter and air, just as we are made of vibrations. Vibration connects us with all beings and connects us to all things independently.”
(From “Quantum Listening” by Pauline Oliveros)

Archipel e.V is a small arts and culture association registered within the german requirments, according to which we assigned as our main purpose advocating for tolerance in all areas of culture and the concept of international understanding, especially supporting the emancipation of entities that have been pushed to the margins.

In the last weeks we have watched consecutive war crimes being commited by Israel backlashing Hamas horrendous attentat on October 7th 2023. We have watched powerful governments, in particular the German, support inconditionally and financially an offensive in Palestine that is unjustifiable. We watched hate speech profaned by the mouths of people in charge. We watched hundreds of international human rights organisations desperately denoucing an on-going massacre. We have watched protests, especially in Berlin, that in no way endorsed Hamas - instead mourne and demanded respect to human rights - be violently supressed. We have watched police reinforcement of racial profiling and provocations to the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim communitites living in Berlin. We have watched a quick escalation of discrimitation and ignorant statements about Arabs and Muslims, specially inside schools, from educational staff and school communities. We have watched german art and educational institutions, when at all making public statements, show solidarity to the losses of Israel and silence about what is happening in Palestine. We confirm a complex set of silencing mechanisms at play against those that are critical of mainstream narratives.

Hereby we publicly declare our devastation about this situation and that we do not agree with the ways the German government and the German cultural and academic circuit has acted so far. We are disapointed and specially revolted by the discrepancy between all the decolonial discourse that has permeated the arts - a staging in which all members of our organisation have acted upon - and the general retraction to a brutal scenario that blows up the main injustices and power inequalities decolonization fights against. We understand there are many mechanisms for silencing at play, still, we cannot accept the submission to this oppression of speech and criticism. We call specially the german voices to work out through their reasons not to speak up and use their locus of speech that is of particular relevance to the injustices exploding in the last weeks and to the extreme-right agenda that is taking over more and more space.

We would like also to call attention to the many ways in which this current crisis reinforce mechanisms of polarization and separation between people all over the world. Archipel will put its efforts in maintaing its open channel for all voices and contuining to produce spaces of encounter in times of further increase in broken relationships. Inasmusch as we feel we must speak out against the current upmost injustices, we also need to stay aware of the importance of connectivity and cross-communication in the sight of a large aparatus that is trying to disrupt valuable interpersonal relationships. We want to contribute to free and diverse media environment and foster cultures of listening that produce empathy and respect.


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