On January 20th between 16:00 and 01:00 (CET) the itinerant Archipel Stations Community Radio is hosted by Arkaoda, a berliner (inspired by a turkish) venue in the search for the new and different, supporting independent music and art and working with like-minded people, collectives and organisations.

In the spirit of the archipelagic thought, the webradio Archipel stations Arkaoda on January 20th between 16:00 and 01:00, blending a variety of content, formats and languages produced all over the world. The program includes ideas and sounds of all places and traditions, music, storytelling (fictional and non-fictional), art pieces, readings, podcasts of sociopolitical, ecological, comic, therapeutic, scientific, artistic and experimental content, and much more, including some live acts.

The program will be replayed on 29/01 at Cola Bora Dio 88,4 & 90,7 FM.

We also take the opportunity to lauch our monthly special, The Eternal Raga Cycle, a generative program broadcasting a continuous stream of Ragas from a catalog constituted in collaboration with Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand, and comprising an extensive selection of recordings from the Dresden Museum of Ethnology's collection.

(CET) Titles
15:00 Queer Frequency Modulation - Looking After the Future
15:40 jonas.san's san.day mixtape(s)
16:00 Viajad Viajad Malditos
17:00 The Journey Backwards// LE VOYAGE À L'ENVERS
17:30 family archive and its histories within the liminality of time and space
18:00 Story for Food
18:45 chorus duet for radio
19:00 Sonic Cyberfeminisms @ Wysing Arts Centre
20:00 Electronic live coded music
20:30 Cavidad (live)
21:15 Aural Maps (live)
22:30 Blowin' Ellington McLaughlington and His Out Of Chicago Nice Guys (live)
22:50 Green Book Travel LA- South Carolina
23:00 Nomad’s Wanderlust
00:00 Outsider Sounds with Jaquil du Spencer
00:30 Professor Tragichord 'Palestras de Palerma'
01:20 If we are moving fast enough #3
01:30 Location Essence Essentials
02:00 Sundown
The Eternal Raga Cycle

List of shows (in alphabetical order):

Aural Maps (live). EN, 30 Min

A non-linear narrative exploration of Aurality throughout sounds, stories and interviews. Aurality is a concept describing the techniques, modalities, embodiments and effects of information 'carried on' or 'engraved in' sound waves and vibrations. The journey will lead us from outer space frequencies captured by giant telescopes to bioacoustics of our planet, from sound artists musique concrète to imagined ecosystems, from oral traditions to radiophony. This episode introduces the stream of The Eternal Raga Cycle and interview special guests.
credits: Niko de Paula Lefort

Blowin' Ellington McLaughlington and His Out Of Chicago Nice Guys (live). EN, 30 Min

The newly found Woogie band, continuing its record-bending “Sometimes Infirmary” Tour, will entertain its designated audience with a wild potpourri of all-time favourite jazz classics like “Georgia on me”, Ain’t You on the Rain" and “Everything for Two, Eight in the Tree”.http://blowinellingtonmclaughlingtonandhisoutofchicagoniceguys.com
credits: Arik Kofranek (reeds), Sanny Nam (keys), Victor Negri (drums), Hannes Hoelzl (bass)

Cavidad (live). EN/ES/FR, 30 Min

Cavidad is an expanded experience of radio as a subtle space for performative investigation. We propose a somatic-radio space that will take care of researching different textures of the invisible and will take place in the intervals of language and the spatial and temporal folds of the body: we will look for the body of the radio to create ways of composing somatically a sound presence. A punk-infra-erotic-romantic program that doesn’t follow themes or chronology, but turning around from our scattered geographies, by infiltration or leak, a subtle, displaced and deep hydrofeminism, realised by 3 female artists sometimes together in studio, sometimes at distance, sometimes inviting artists to resonate. We investigate modalities of destination and writing between the faraway, the nearby, and the intimate. We dwell the multidimensional and temporal space that radio allows and compose from vocal warm-ups and somatic visualisations, echoes, scores, noise concerts, phone calls, love letters, interviews, comments and lectures.
credits: Cècile Brousse, Natalia Ramírez Puschel & Ángela Muñoz Martínez

chorus duet for radio. EN, 13 MIn.

Considering radio in its broader context - the natural phenomena of radio on a planetary scale - this piece uses the mineral magnetite as a thread to tie multiple different (yet connected) stories together; interspecies stories of movement, memory and migration.
credits: Kate Donovan

Electronic live coded music (live). 30 Min

Live concert remotely from Spain.
credits: Alexandra Cárdenas

family archive and its histories within the liminality of time and space. DE/EN/ES/IT, 30 Min

nomadic Radio is part of the art platform nomadicArt. nomadic Radio is a sound-recording platform, interested in audios, interviews and experimental sounds. Open to sound artists and to all those who are interested in a new way of recording migratory experiences. "family archive and its histories within the liminality of time and space" is a sound composition that reflects on different migratory sounds; family archive, sound travels and musical compositions. This soundscape plays with the intensities of man's mobility and memories and how this is an essential role in the liminal space of an emigrant traveling from point A to point B. This composition was made with the edition of the artists Garland&Correa and in collaboration with the sound archive of Tilma Cornejo, Alfonso Costa, Armando Cornejo and Brenda Maby Cornejo. nomadicArt is a cultural platform offering diverse creative and artistic activities, which aim to help newly arrived citizens to enter the public arena despite legal obstacles restricting their mobility and inclusion in social life. The workshops and events are facilitated by nomadicArt and are co-created by migrants both with a professional artistic background and without. They provide a safe space for exchange and action. Besides, nomadicArt aims to connect and include various stakeholders from society: migrants, refugees, activists, researchers, volunteers and other actors in the close neighborhood. The activities of nomadicArt address the inhabitants of the adjacent NUK (emergency shelter), the neighborhood of ZK/U Berlin , Gütermarkt in Moabit and ZUsammentKUNFT (Modellprojekt Initiative Haus der Statistik) in Potsdamer Platz. It deliberately stays on a small scale and is continuously evaluated and reconfigured according to the needs of the participants. Next to helping and connecting the local structures, nomadicArt aspires to explore the potentials of artistic work as a transformative tool. The documentation and discourse coming from these activities will be exchanged with other similar groups working in other shelters in the context of the joint working platform ZUsammenKUNFT. ↓ Our group is currently composed of artists, designers, anthropologists, curators and art theorists who live in Berlin. https://www.nomadicart.org/NOMADIC-RADIO-1
credits: nomadicArt, editors for this session: Camilo Correa and Melanie Garland

Green Book Travel LA- South Carolina. EN, 7 Min

These sound works were recorded while driving across the US researching travel sites that were listed in the Green Book, travel companion for African American travellers. The Green Book listed safe sites where African American travellers could avoid racially targeted violence. As a part of this project I set up a google voice number where friends could call in and wish me well on my travels. For the first piece I juxtaposed those well wishes, with conservative radio/ ideologies, that I met on the road. This piece serves as an exploration of the limitations ( in terms of the history of criminalisation and violence) placed on black and non- white people as we move through space.
credits: Charmaine Bee

Hard Disk Orphan Mashup. 15 Min

"In 2013, my main backup harddisk had a severe crash. I could just barely rescue the 2 million files contained on it, but the entire directory structure was destroyed. 10 years of digital audio productivity, not lost but totally decontextualized. Since then, I keep coming back to this file orphanage, at times unsure what to do with it, other times employing it in a performance. By now, 5 years later, I have enough command line skills to harvest the data from this open-pit data mine. The \Hard Disk Orphan Mashup\ is a stream, generated from this crashed archive. It is composed of my field recordings, single tracks from arrangements and installation pieces, cuts from night long audio coding sessions, voice mail messages, some files that do not belong to me, and a ton of Apple Loops.” http://www.earweego.net
credits: Hannes Hoelzl

If we are moving fast enough. EN/DK, 10 Min.

Episode 3. If We're Moving Fast Enough imagines the formation of a wave, following a journey from where it starts out in the middle of the ocean to where it arrives at the shoreline. The piece stems from a collaborative research project between artist Isabella Martin (UK) and scientist Malene Hovgaard Vested (DK), exploring the generation and measurement of waves, out at sea and in the Hydraulic Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark. The project navigates the ways distance and time are collapsed in this process, when a natural phenomena is recreated in another context. The piece is based on conversation and recordings at the Hydraulic Laboratory and field recordings from research trips around the Danish and English coastlines, while on land and out at sea.
credits: Isabella Martin

jonas.san's san.day mixtape(s). EN, 30 Min.

Short mixes out of jonas’ vinyl collection recorded on sunday afternoons. It's about putting together a little (eclectic) musical journey and simply share music to listen to and enjoy a good and warm vibe.
credits: jonas san & various artists

Location Essence Essentials. EN, 30 Min.

English Radio drama blending ideas from sound art, pop, field recording, and industrial noise to create a theme.
credits: Cody Putman

Nomad‘s Wanderlust. EN/DE, 60 Min.

Hommage to all styles of music. Not just world dance music, but also modern soul, reggae, disco, jazz and funk, as well as psychedelia. Core tempo from 80 bpm to 120 bpm.
credits: DJ Nomad & various artists

Outsider Sounds with Jaquil du Spencer. EN, 7 Min.

An isolated outsider artist holed up somewhere in middle america, whose only meaningful contact with the outside world is via the internet, muses about life and the dubious outcomes of recent questionable literature-search-inspired biohacking experiments on himself while finally being pushed to release a catalogue of tracks he has recorded over a 30-40 year period and updated into today's "styles," as sickness, death and the authorities begin to close in. Jaquil's show also highlights the submissions of other contemporary outsider artists.
credits: Jaquil du Spencer

Professor Tragichord's 'Palestras de Palermas'. EN, 60 Min.

The lectures "palestras de palermas", or, in other words, nonsense talks) cover many topics based on what participants choose during any given event. In each session, the audience were invited to pick cards from which I or the participant would pick from a list of lecture topics. This event's episodes are: Saint Lazy Lives Again, Again! The Power of Lázaro Compels You to Scare Dads, and to Dance and Sing to WFMU; Anal Alchemy and The Plague of Sainthood; Merzbow, Mills and the Rise & Fall of Chad Kroeger; and Depression.
credits: Pascal Ansell

Queer Frequency Modulation - Looking After the Future. EN, 40 Min.

QFM is a series of podcasts on queer and decolonial temporalities, idealized by Katrin Köppert. The first episode is an interview with Kara Keeling.
credits: Kara Keeling, Rita Frank, Katrin Köppert, Arik Kofranek, Victor Negri, Carol Neumann, Alongkorn Phochanapan, Lea Taragona, and Pooneh Eftekhari Yekta.

Sonic Cyberfeminisms @ Wysing Arts Center. EN, 60 Min.

The Sonic Cyberfeminisms @ Wysing podcast is a collection of sounds, conversations, words and ideas which emerged from the week-long Sonic Cyberfeminisms residency at Wysing Arts Centre in September 2018. It is accompanied by the Sonic Cyberfeminisms zine
credits: Marie Thompson, Annie Goh, Marlo De Lara, Natalie Hyacinth, Jane Frances Dunlop, Shanti Suki Osman, Frances Morgan, Miranda Iossifidis, Louise Lawlor & Robin Buckley

STORY FOR FOOD The Radio Show. EN, 60 Min.

In a western society which is dominated by a never ending stream of visual input, and in which ´storytelling´ is being used as a trend word in the world of marketing, we wish to investigate and foster the essence of stories – using the mass medium that has been the oral storytelling format par excellence: radio. “STORY FOR FOOD The Radio Show” broadcast stories from SFF’s audio archive and invite guests to share live on the air a story on the theme of the month. We wish to foster oral storytelling and help value stories in society, by promoting the practise of sharing them and the culture of listening to them. STORY FOR FOOD (SFF) is a social art project that proposes a model for an alternative economy based on stories. We record undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would be lost. We organise story installations, storytelling workshops, acoustic cinema nights and a series of events, where a selection of stories are translated into food, art objects, music and songs. We wish to foster oral storytelling and help value stories in society, by promoting the practise of sharing them and the culture of listening to them. Our vision is to build a STORY HOUSE in Berlin and create a STORY ECONOMY around the city, where people can barter their stories for food or for different services. “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” - Philip Pullman
credits: various

Sundown / Ocaso. 3 Min.

To mourn the world, to quiet the mind, to relax the cells in the midst of the complex multiverse we live in, to close your eyes. This is a simple offering to come down at the end of the day. Sundown are a series of "lullabies" that were improvised and recorded while bringing my son to bed. They can be played separately on the radio at the end of the program, or continuously on a loop in an a space (indoor or outdoor), arranged for listening and relaxing.
credits: Ela Spalding

The journey backwards / LE VOYAGE À L'ENVERS. FR, 36 Min.

A PODCAST AND RADIO SERIES CONCEIVED BY STÉPHANE QUERREC.The journey backwards is a large scale project produced by DRAC Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles in France with author Stéphane Querrec. During 18 weeks, Querrec has involved 2000 inhabitants who usually don't have much access to culture - children, drop outs teenagers, mental handicapped and adults - from the North France's fifty municipalities "Flandre Intérieure" - to co-construct and realise a ten-episode radio broadcast in the form of a road movie. Based on the fictional story of a runaway teenager who feels neglected, the project interweaves the deep inner thoughts of the character and those of her mother looking after her, into the atmospheric and cultural elements of the vast rural landscape they separately go through - before they meet again.
credits: Stéphane Querrec

The Eternal Raga Cycle, Eternal.

In Hindustani music, the nature of Raga (the melodic framework for improvisation) changes within a day cycle, from dawn to dawn. The Eternal Raga Cycle is a continuous online broadcast / stream of Ragas from a catalog constituted in collaboration with Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand, and comprising an extensive selection of recordings from the Dresden Museum of Ethnology's collection. The program is run by an algorithm that looks at the time of the day and chooses the next consecutive Raga to broadcast, watching that the catalog is exhausted before repeating itself. The Eternal Raga Cycle will be broadcast continuously on Archipel Stations Community Radio.
credits: Niko de Paula Lefort with Amelia Cuni and Werner Durand and various artists.

Viajad Viajad Malditos, ES, 53 Min.

A show about travels from the author of the hononimous blog.
credits: Sonsoles Lozano

The Eternal Raga Cycle: